Presqu'ile de Crozon

Crozon Peninsula

Finistère is the westernmost department of France. At the end of the Brittany region, which itself breaks away from the country, it takes on the air of the end of the world.
Composed of cliffs, pointed rocks and large valleys, the Crozon Peninsula is a place where nature does not allow itself to be pushed around. Every year more and more frequented, visiting the Crozon Peninsula is becoming a must in Brittany.

Take advantage of these magnificent and immense beaches, hike on the famous GR34, surf on these superb spots and take part in the many nautical activities on offer...

1. Le Cap de la Chèvre

At the southern end of the tip of the Crozon peninsula, is "Cap de la Chèvre". Standing on its cliffs, it then closes the Bay of Douarnenez from the north. It is a very beautiful place to discover if you want to visit the Crozon Peninsula in its entirety.

2. La Pointe de Pen-Hir

The Pointe de Pen-Hir offers you an incredible view of the Iroise Sea.
We can see in particular the rocks called Tas de Pois: huge rocks more or less aligned, sheltering an astonishing fauna. This point can easily be visited on foot.

3. Camaret-sur-Mer

The artists' quarter is my ideal place to discover many works, in a gentle atmosphere with sea spray.
Do not miss its cliffs, its delicious biscuit factory but also its Vauban tower (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) which watches over the entrance to the Brest gully and is part of the fortifications route.

4. Morgat 

Crozon-Morgat, a former fishing port, is now a destination where it is good to take your time. Opening onto the bay of Douarnenez, this seaside resort is the ideal place to embark on hiking trails, sail on the sea or simply enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and musical events.